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A preliminary site plan was approved by the Defiance planning commission on Monday to build dozens of homes in the southeastern outskirts of the town.

The subject property, located at the northwest corner of the T-intersection of Carter Road and Ohio 15 in Defiance Township Section 36, is being proposed for new single family homes by Duane and Jhonelle Kees of Zion Real Estate Development in Fort Wayne.

Some 82 homes are proposed for the first round of development with another phase planned for the future.

The site plan was approved Monday without opposition and details plans for the construction of 82 single-family homes with more possible in a future phase. A small pond is proposed in each phase with houses built around them.

“We are delighted,” Johnelle Kees told the commission on Monday. “We hope you are.”

Kees hopes the houses could be started in about a year.

Asked about home prices, Kees said between $250,000 and $350,000 at today’s prices.

The site has not yet been annexed to the city.

Defiance County Commissioners have approved a petition asking for the 52,371 acres to be incorporated into Defiance, but the annexation must still be submitted to the city council for approval after a required 60-day waiting period.

The council has already approved legislation indicating which municipal services the city government would extend to the property after annexation to Defiance.

Also on Monday, the commission approved a zoning exemption requested by Cheryl Rupple of The Purple Dog, 1506 Baltimore Road, for a new building measuring 40 feet by 60 feet.

The variance allows for an eight-foot fence on the property instead of the six-foot maximum allowed under city zoning requirements.

A neighbor at 1502 Cherry St. expressed concern about maintaining a fence between properties, but it should remain.

Rupple informed the commission that his company planned to set up parking behind the building for its employees. This will allow customers to park in front.

The company offers boarding services for dogs. Rupple said 1,800 dogs were in his database.