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File photo by Eric Ayres A fourth and final phase of the LaBelle Greene project is progressing to bring another 38 townhouse-style apartments to a deteriorating block in South Wheeling near the site of the former LaBelle nail factory.

Members of the Wheeling Planning Commission on Monday evening recommended approval of the site plan for the LaBelle Greene IV apartment complex in South Wheeling.

The planning commission convened virtually for its February meeting on Monday evening and reviewed the site plan for the project proposed by the Woda Cooper Group. Plans call for the construction of a new four-story apartment building at 32nd and McColloch streets. The project is phase four of Woda Cooper’s LaBelle Greene Affordable Housing Development Plan.

Three other LaBelle Greene projects have already been completed at the site, located on and around the former LaBelle Nail Factory site in South Wheeling.

Charles Garvick of Chadan Engineering Inc. of St. Clairsville, chief engineer for all phases of LaBelle, and Tom Simons, vice president of the Woda Group, attended Monday’s virtual meeting to answer any questions posed by the members of the planning commission on the proposed project.

According to the plans, each apartment will have two bedrooms, and a total of 38 apartments are included in the plans. The exterior of the new apartment building will match or complement the same theme of the other new structures at the LaBelle Greene developments, officials noted.

“It will have indoor common areas for the office manager, a computer room and amenities for residents as well,” Garvick said. “We offer 43 parking spaces on site and also have a request for a parking waiver with this development.”

The developer is trying to acquire one last remaining property on the site – the only land in the block which it has not yet obtained ownership of. If need be, the developers said they hoped additional land would be acquired which could open up more space for additional parking.

“If the zoning appeal board does not grant the waiver, they must either reduce the number of apartments offered or find additional parking,” said Tom Connelly, the city’s director of construction and planning. of Wheeling. “They should provide parking.”

The parking variance is necessary because the number of parking spaces required of this dwelling, according to the city code, is 1.5 spaces per unit. This would require 57 places. However, the developer is hoping to get the variance to allow for 43 total slots.

Connelly noted that in the past, variances were given for similar developments in the past, but newer complexes were for senior living units. The LaBelle Greene IV project is designed for multi-family residential apartments.

“We’re pretty comfortable with our number of parking spaces after the parking studies we’ve done on other family communities,” Simons said, adding that efforts are still being made to acquire the last lot if a additional parking is required.

“That was the backup plan if we couldn’t get the variance. Even if we get the variance and get this property during construction, then our plan would be to add the parking lot.

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