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WEST BEND — The West Bend Plan Commission will open a new saloon this week, as the proposed business comes to the city for approval of a site plan for the construction of a new building and a permit of Use conditional to permit the operation of the business at a Barton location.

The planning committee is due to meet today at 6 p.m. During this meeting, they will consider an application for a conditional use license submitted by Kym Immel to operate a salon on the currently vacant lot at the corner of Jefferson Street and Barton Avenue.

The Planning Commission will also take a site plan, for a 1,620 square foot building to be constructed on this property which will house the show. The plot is zoned B-5, neighborhood office and service trade.

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In this zoning, the use of a lounge is not authorized by law but requires a conditional use permit. Approval of the site plan, as recommended by staff, would be contingent upon approval of the conditional use permit, as the permit would need to be granted for the construction of the building to be usable for the show.

According to the city’s information on the site plan and permit submitted, the proposed building would be 1,620 square feet on a 021-acre parcel. The site plan called for a parking lot for 10 parking spaces, including nine standard spaces and one barrier-free space.

“Building height, lot coverage, setbacks and open spaces meet zoning requirements,” according to a site plan staff report from West Bend business and development planner James Reinke.

The site plan memo indicates that the site would be fenced off, to prevent the company’s headlights from disturbing nearby residences.

A separate memo from city staff for the Conditional Use Permit stated that typical business hours for the business would be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, and closed on sunday.

The floor plan includes nine stylist chairs in the building, with a peak of four stylists working as a team.

“All property owners within 200 feet of the conditional use application have been notified of the public hearing and, to date, planning staff have received no comments or inquiries,” according to Reinke’s report.

The commission will also review a conditional use permit and site plan for an outdoor screened storage area at 2805 E. Progress Drive in the planned business park area.