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ST. LOUIS – The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is set to renew this weekend at Busch Stadium, and analysis of an online betting site reveals some information many suspected. The Cubs are the most hated team on Twitter in Missouri, according to Betonline’s analysis of geo-tagged Twitter data.

The same research shows that the Cardinals, despite having a large regional fan base, are the most hated in six states, including the border states of Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and India. ‘Ohio.

Betonline’s analysis looked at monthly Twitter trends and found Cardinals to be “most hated” in 6 states.

The analysis was carried out over the past month and included around 90,000 tweets containing phrases such as “I hate the Cardinals” or “I hate the Yankees”. The Los Angeles Dodgers were hated in most states (9), while the Braves, Phillies, Giants and Indians were tied on being hated in one state.

Analysis found that no team was “most hated” in their home state.