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Snoqualmie will hold a public hearing on the development of the plant site

The Town of Snoqualmie will hold a public hearing into the Commercial/Industrial Plan of the Snoqualmie Plant Site before a Hearing Examiner at 4:00 p.m. on March 30.

The meeting will take place via Zoom. Residents interested in participating may submit oral or written testimony to the Hearing Examiner, who, along with a report and recommendation, will be submitted to City Council for consideration.

Using this report, the city council will then make a final decision on whether to approve or reject the PCI plan at a later date. If the PCI plan is approved, it would give the green light for construction on the property, assuming no additional building permits are required.

The PCI plan was submitted to the city in 2017 by Snoqualmie Mill Ventures LLC. The plan proposes to develop the 261-acre Mill Site property north of downtown in three phases over a 10 to 15-year period. This development would include 1.83 gross square feet of commercial, office, light industrial and residential space.

Several areas of the proposed development are heavily polluted due to its more than 100 year history as a sawmill. However, there is no known pollution in the first phase of the proposed development.

This first phase would include 604,000 square feet of development, as well as 160 residential units in mixed-use buildings.

A draft environmental impact statement for the project completed by the city in April 2020 received over 900 pages of public comment. A final impact statement was released last December.

A link to the hearing and more information can be found here: