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Here is the proposed QuikTrip layout plan for Grand and Lafayette in the Tiffany district. A portion of McRee already blocked by vehicular traffic to the west would be evacuated and 3,616 McRee’s would be demolished. Recall that the St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Company The master plan sought to

Eliminate facilities that create the image and reality of the redevelopment area being outdated and dilapidated.

Facilitate iconic development and attractive streetscape elements throughout the public realm along Grand Boulevard and at key entry points to the redevelopment area to create an image that reflects a business, shopping and entertainment district. prosperous and progressive development. Key locations include Grand Boulevard at I-64, Chouteau Avenue at 39th Street and Compton Avenue, and Grand Boulevard at I-44.

In the Press release announcing the SLU plan said-

SLU’s strategic plan calls for the University to become “a leader in equitable land use and responsible urban design.”

This not-so-great gas station fails those goals. This is certainly far from the “signature development” demanded on this site.

A zoning-only building permit application was submitted to the city in May. McRee’s vacation would require a council bill. A CID, which would levy an additional sales tax (not applied to gasoline, yet another driving subsidy) at the site to pay for moving the freeway on-ramp to the east, would also require a advice bill. No bill has been introduced. The demolition of 3616 McRee would be reviewed by the Office of Cultural Resources and possibly brought before the Preservation Board. Any zoning deviations would be submitted to the council of adjustment. Council bills and council hearings all provide an opportunity for people to comment.

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People walking or driving east on McRee trying to get to Grand, to possibly use the busiest and busiest bus route in the area, would end up in the parking lot. Users of the bike path on Grand would face more dangerous conditions due to traffic induced by this car magnet crossing the lane at McRee. There are no traffic lights at McRee and Grand, making left turns difficult for outgoing car customers wishing to head north.

Plots owned by QT

Plopping the location of Big Bend and Manchester here was not far.