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The project will replace the historic apartments in Nock

Plans to transform a historic downtown apartment building into a new, modern hotel are still on the table, but developers now have until 2025 to complete the project.

The nine-bedroom 1930s Nock Apartments at 608 Baltimore Ave. are operated to become the Ocean Sands Hotel, with 20 standard motel rooms, elevators, new lighting and state-of-the-art security features.

The project has recently appeared on the agendas of planning commissions and zoning boards, primarily for site plan extensions due to pandemic-related setbacks.

On Tuesday, planning commissioners approved another two-year extension to the site plan, which will give developers until March 2025 to obtain planning permission.

The approval was voted on Tuesday with little discussion and built on a similar extension granted by members of the Board of Zoning Appeals in June.

The project will have 20 parking spaces, one for each bedroom, but only seven will be on site. The rest will be leased from a lot across the street at 505 Baltimore Ave.

The developer had previously said it wanted building permits withdrawn by autumn 2023, but the extension request says the timetable will not work.

Planning commissioners said the project would be a positive addition to the town centre.

This story appears in the August 19, 2022 print edition of OC Today.