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At its July 7 meeting, the Derby Planning Commission approved a site plan for a proposed new Take 5 quick oil change business to be developed along Rock Road in Lot 1, Block A of the Third Business Addition The Oaks (just north of Mattress Firm).

Everett Haynes, Deputy Planner, noted that development of the lot has been delayed due to some distinctive roadblocks.

“This property is unique in that it is cluttered with numerous easements, which is likely why its development has been delayed when many other properties along Rock Road have been developed,” Haynes said.

Haynes noted that the applicant met most of the requirements related to zoning regulations, with the main issues relating to the sensitive nature of the easements on the property in question, which forced development mainly on the western part of the lot.

Other issues include ensuring an oil/water separator is provided on site, while questions have also been raised about a bike rack being included in the site plan. It’s not a requirement, according to the submitted designs, but something Cameron Hole – agent rep at Anderson Engineering – noted that the property was wanted on the site (for employees). He said the plans could be changed to make it easier to connect with the current sidewalks, which raised some concerns in the initial plans.

Staff and commissioners also requested more detailed landscaping plans, with concerns raised over the potential use of an invasive tree species – Osage Orange – as part of the natural scouting. Hole noted that other minor cosmetic issues should also be addressed.

Given its quick-change business model – with customers able to stay in their cars during oil changes/fluid checks – there were some questions about parking necessities, and Hole noted that this would be beneficial during peak hours. A total of 10 parking spaces have been included in the plan, which should be more than enough.

“It should be drive-thru, but during peak periods there will be additional parking provided for customers,” Hole said.

The site plans for Take 5 Oil Change were approved by an 8 to 0 vote.