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GLENS FALLS – After reviewing the first draft of the Glens Falls Shopping Center Site Plan Review, planning council and members of the public were given an insightful look at the interior and exterior design plan.

This was the first stage of the site plan review for the proposed DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) Market Center, which will be built on vacant land on South Street just west of the intersection with Elm Street where the old OTB building was. at 51-57 South Street.

The Glens Falls mall has gone through six different iterations since its original plans developed by JMZ Architects, said Jeff Flagg, director of economic development for the city, last Tuesday evening.

The original structure was estimated to cost around $2.5 million in total, but current plans have doubled the estimated cost, Flagg said.

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Throughout the process of designing the mall sketches, city officials wanted to adhere to three main criteria.

First, make the installation as flexible as possible; second, to create a facility that is as sustainable as possible, a result of the CLCPA (Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act), which imposes more rigorous environmental standards, while keeping the building open all year round; and third, to be as fiscally responsible as possible.

Envision Architects of Albany, along with CLA Site Landscape Architecture, Engineering & Planning, will design the project and work with the Planning Board to meet the requirements necessary for the site plan review.

Peter Loyola of CLA Site, who was at Tuesday’s meeting with Devon Telberg of Envision Architects, presented the initial site plan review to the Planning Board.

The market center facility on the left was designed with a curve by Envision Architects, partly for aesthetic reasons, to provide an element of intrigue. Peter Loyola, of CPA Site Landscape Architecture, Engineering & Planning, said the first step was to ensure the installation was oriented to receive maximum sunlight.

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The Market Center structure itself will be 5,900 square feet on a 0.66 acre site, with 23,000 square feet of pedestrian space around it.

Loyola said his company wants to make the pedestrian space sustainable by creating a porous pavement, which helps reduce stormwater.

“We worked with CLA to orient the building on the site to allow maximum pedestrian access. We too, architecturally, are inclined to curve the building because we wanted to create this “curve of curiosity” – “what is around the bend?” said Devon Telberg, project architect for Envision Architects.

Telberg said his company has met with representatives from the Glens Falls Farmers Market a few times to get feedback.

The Market Center will be the new official home of the Farmers Market, but will also be used for other events.

“We want to make this facility as flexible as possible,” Flagg said.

While some members of the Farmers’ Market would like this facility to be theirs exclusively, Flagg said the reason it needs to be flexible is because it needs to be able to be maintained, which means to be used as much as possible.

He also mentioned that the city was considering the possibility of extending popular events (the LARAC festival, Taste of the North Country) from other parts of the city to the future mall, which could lead to the closure of Elm Street and maybe South Street for a day.


The Glens Falls Market Center facility will be 5,900 square feet on a 0.66 acre site. There will be multiple entries. The facility will be the anchor of the Glens Falls Farmers Market, but will also be designed with maximum flexibility to be used for other events, such as the LARAC Festival expansion and Taste of the North Country.

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The Planning Board asked Flagg how much the facility would cost to operate, to which he replied that the city did not yet know.

Flagg and the design team will coordinate with the planning committee for next steps and will meet next month, November 1.

Drew Wardle is a journalist for The Post Star. You can contact him at 518-681-7343 or email him at [email protected]