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Site analysis

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By August 20, 2021No Comments

Designers are trained to consider the context of a finished building, but often neglect to consider the construction phase. When architecture is primarily judged by the impacts it has on its environment once it is built, what can be learned from to treat of construction ? Time-lapse is one method that can help architects do just that, as it can capture years of complex development in minutes. This can reveal patterns of impact on social and economic levels as months or years are read over several minutes.

What is shown by time-lapse videos, however, can be as disturbing as it is interesting; when uncovered, the construction process is an eye-opener, and the ramifications for energy consumption can be as monumental as the buildings themselves. The time-lapse allows the viewer to better understand the types and quantities of materials used in the construction of the buildings, as well as the impact of the construction on its immediate environment. By comparing time-lapse videos of different projects, what insight can we gain into how the physical generation process of architecture affects people and places?