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SELLERSBURG – The Sellersburg Planning Commission last month approved a site plan for the construction of a Wendy’s restaurant on the corner of Camp Run Road and County Road 311.

The fast food chain could be open by the end of the year, and its addition marks a milestone for the city of Clark County.

“This will be the first project built in the city’s new Gateway Overlay District under the recently passed Unified Development Ordinance,” said Charlie Smith, City Manager of Sellersburg.

The city is moving forward with several aspects of its comprehensive Sellersburg 2040 plan. In its bid for the state’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative, or READI, Sellersburg is requesting $ 7.7 million to its downtown district.

The money would be used for the properties and rights-of-way needed to develop road connections, utilities and stormwater improvements.

“In 2021, the city launched the impactful regional initiative to attract retail users, medical offices, professionals and various housing options to the downtown district,” Sellersburg officials wrote in the grant application. .

They discussed the construction of Camp Run Road and the goal of developing the Interstate 65 Exit 9 and Ind. 60 into a “one stop destination for southern Indiana”.

“The planned addition of daytime professional businesses balanced by mixed-use housing creates the opportunity for a unique live work and play neighborhood unlike anything else in Southern Indiana.” , wrote those responsible in the application. “Unique zoning codes focus on connectivity while improved architectural standards set this neighborhood apart from projects commonly seen in traditional southern Indiana shopping districts over the past 50 years.”

Other governments and organizations in southern Indiana are seeking READI funds of which $ 50 million could be allocated to the region.

Sellersburg is also seeking $ 16.6 million through the National Water Infrastructure Fund for sewage, stormwater and water improvements.

For existing businesses, the city is pursuing a subsidy program for the improvement of facades and signs.

Charlie smith

“The goal is to support growth and investment within the community and to help businesses make improvements under the recently adopted updated zoning codes,” Smith said.

“Examples of potential projects include exterior painting or repairs, landscaping, general exterior improvements and rehabilitation, signage and awnings. “

The Sellersburg Redevelopment Commission was expected to consider approving the program this week. If it passes the commission, Sellersburg City Council will be asked to provide funding for the remainder of this year and 2022.

Councilor Terry Langford, who is also a member of the commission, is the sponsor of the proposal.

“The board is open to the program and thrilled to receive the official request from RDC,” Smith said.