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PORTSMOUTH — Scioto County Commissioners announced at their meeting Thursday that Scioto County was recognized by JobsOhio/OhioSE for Best Site Development Project in OhioSE’s 25-county region on Wednesday.

“Ohio Southeast is the regional component of Jobs Ohio, and they cover all of southeast Ohio,” commissioner Bryan Davis said. “They are working with the separate economic entities of these counties and this year Scioto County is recognized as the site development winner for the Norfolk and Southern property, which is a joint victory for Lawrence and Scioto County.”

Scioto and Lawrence counties shared the Haverhill Sewer Project, a $3.57 million capital project to bring sewer infrastructure to the entire Haverhill/N&S industrial site/corridor.

“About three years ago, we entered into a joint cooperative agreement with the Lawrence County Commissioners, as well as the Lawrence County Economic Development LEDC, Bill Dingus, Jeremy Clay and their group, and we started on the path of Haverhill Corridor development,” Davis said.

Davis said they have great interest in the more than 3,000 developable acres.

“In the middle of that is the major development site in the eastern United States, certainly in Ohio, and that’s the Norfolk and south-owned site next to which Suncook is now near Franklin Furnace. “Davis said.

Davis said several groups were involved in the project.

“Ohio Southeast has invested, JEDISO has been a part of it, and a whole host of partners,” Davis said. “The ARC is one of them, the Scioto County Department of Sanitary Engineers and JP Picklesigner, Robert Horton and his team of Marcie Barlow.”

The total investment for the project was over $4 million.

“Now we have a sanitary sewer line that runs from Wheelersburg to Lawrence County, which is essential for the Pure Cycle project and any other development that may arise,” Davis said. “Things are going big and we were recognized at that meeting yesterday.”

Davis said Scioto County should be proud of the work done by all individuals.

Additionally, the SOAR Business Park project in Minford at the airport was chosen as a finalist in the Best Building Development category.

Robert Horton, Scioto County Director of Economic Development, said, “Ohio Southeast, I can’t say enough about them, their guidance, mentorship, assistance to area counties and financial support for these projects. are huge,” Horton said. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Katy Farber, Mike Jacoby and Taylor Stepp, who were tremendous and I can’t thank them enough.”

Scioto County has been recognized by JobsOhio/OhioSE for the Best Site Development Project in the 25-county OhioSE region.

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