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UPDATE: A previous version of this article incorrectly quoted the author of a letter included in the Manistee Planning Commission agenda file. This story was updated to reflect the correct information as of 9:50 a.m. May 18, 2021.

MANISTEE – It’s almost time for the second round with the sitemap of a Hampton Inn development app, and there have been some changes to the app.

The planned development aims to replace the current one-story Lakeshore Motel with a five-story Hampton Inn with more than 100 rooms.

The Manistee Planning Commission voted to file the application for legal review at its April 1 meeting when commissioners wanted to ensure the application complies with Manistee’s master plan and general zoning requirements.

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Now, a special meeting on the scheduled Unity Development App is scheduled for May 20.

The site plan for the planned unit development application for a Hampton Inn property near First Street Beach would have changes to aspects such as the height of certain panels, an “extended outdoor patio” and a different projected number of bedrooms. from that proposed previously.

The city defines a planned unit development as “a special land use intended to accommodate mixed or mixed-use developments, innovative design features, and/or sites with unusual topography or unique settings,” according to the ordinance. zoning. Since the hotel will include a restaurant, it is a mixed-use property.

According to 49-page Manistee Planning Commission Agenda, the previous plan called for 108 rooms, but the revised site plan calls for 101.

The package also includes a list of topics that have raised questions in previous meetings or parts of the bid process such as parking and water and sewerage.

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A letter from Tom Welling, Vice President of Development and Facilities for Suburban Inns, to the Manistee Planning Commission was included in the agenda file and dated April 23.

The letter detailed changes to the app’s sitemap with information on how they weren’t able to add a rooftop bar, but they planned to “move the restaurant to the fifth floor at the expense of 11 rooms on this floor”.

Welling said they added two meeting rooms on the fifth floor. He said moving the restaurant, bar and kitchen opened up space on the first floor where four bedrooms could be added.

He said the monument panel would be reduced from 10 feet in height to the 8 feet currently proposed.

“We executed the pro-forma by reducing the height of the building by one floor, which would reduce the number of rooms by 33 with the restaurant and bar on the upper level,” reads the letter. “The loss of revenue from these chambers, combined with the high cost associated with land, development requirements and construction cost, reduces the return on investment to the point where it is no longer viable.”

The proposal also includes an indoor swimming pool, bocce court, volleyball, fitness center, lobby bar and parking.

“To provide additional off-site parking, the developer will pay to install 18 additional parking spaces around the site at an estimated cost of $80,000,” reads part of the agenda package’s narrative section.

The hotel is also expected to use the city’s water and sewer services that exist at the current site.

However, it is planned that stormwater will be directed to an off-site retention pond in collaboration with the city.

A point with water is that although there is water for regular use and extinguishing fires, there are not “sufficient places to connect firefighters’ apparatus”.

“To address this issue, the developer worked with the city to develop a plan to extend the water main from the dead end loop of Lakeshore Drive to the end of Harbor Drive where another loop exists. dead end water,” reads part of the story adding that it solves two dead end loop problems for the city.

In a letter dated May 3 from Manistee Department of Public Works Director Jeff Mikula to Manistee County Zoning Planner and Administrator Zachary Sompels, Mikula answered several questions posed during the development review of the planned unit.

In the letter, Mikula referred to retention ponds and the plans the Manistee Department of Public Safety had for them.

“There are several areas within the (town of Manistee) park that currently have drainage/flooding issues. This was DPW’s long term plan to address these issues with the retention pond(s). The work would have been completed when funding became available,” Mikula said. “Retention was considered because of its lower cost and lower environmental impact than a piped storm sewer that would discharge directly into the lake. If the project goes ahead, the construction cost will be paid by the developer. The retention basin will be owned and maintained by the city.

Mikula also said that the DPW did not ask for a traffic study to be carried out.

“The additional traffic created by the proposed development will not exceed the capacity of the main street network,” he explained in part.

He also said the parcel was surrounded by Manistee City Park land.

“The park is not located in an area of ​​high risk for erosion, nor in a critical dune area as classified by the Department of Energy, Great Lakes and Environment (EGLE). There are no known endangered species in the park,” he said.

The agenda file also shows that the project has five main stages: design development, design engineering, permitting, construction, and the “open for business” stage.

The design engineering phase was scheduled to run from February to September, with permits starting in September, construction in November this year until March 2023, and then the planned opening in April 2023.

The special meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on May 20. Attendees can access the Zoom virtual meeting at The meeting ID number is 883 7264 8626 and the access code is 600714.

The meeting can also be followed by the public by telephone by dialing +1 312 626 6799.

Hampton Inn 5.20 2021 Public Package through Arielle Breen on Scribd