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The second time could be the charm.

Applicants wishing to build a development behind Mueller’s Orchard returned to the Fenton Township Planning Commission with a new application, which received preliminary site plan approval on Thursday, February 10.

Lombardo Homes submitted a construction plan for a 95-unit single-family housing development behind the orchard with access to Linden and Lobdell roads. Thursday’s planning commission meeting marks the second time candidates have come to the township with a plan for building in the area, which spans about 67 acres.

The first application was for a 142-unit neighborhood, which was reduced to 122. Last year, the Fenton Township Board denied the rezoning application due to ordinance restrictions.

Lyle Winn, development compliance manager for Lombardo Homes, said he met with the township to further review the zoning ordinances and gain a better understanding. They redesigned the plans and decided to stay with the current zoning.

This new plan proposes 95 lots ranging in size from 12,000 square feet to approximately 15,500 square feet. Minimum unit width is 75 square feet. The land of approximately 67 acres is zoned residential-3 (R-3).

Zoning administrator Michael Deem said the plans also meet setback requirements.

Candidates plan to build a pathway through the complex. The plans show 45.1% open space with two retention basins.

He said there is no buffer zone between properties required for R-3, and they require two trees per lot and three per corner lot. The ordinance also requires trees along access roads, which would be built from Linden and Lobdell roads.

“Going through these ordinance requirements, they are not asking for any waivers. They meet the minimum standards to zoning ordinance requirements,” Deem said.

Several residents sent letters against the development. A resident is concerned about traffic and wells. Other residents are concerned about the smell of the sewer, the potential impact of nearby wells and drainage runoff.

The developers will now work on the engineering plans and return to the planning commission at a later date for final site plan approval.