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Residents of Crewkerne got their first glimpse of how the rest of a major development in their town could take shape.

Taylor Wimpey Exeter has won planning permission to build 635 new homes on the key Crewkerne site, which lies between the A30 Yeovil Road and the A356 Station Road east of the city centre. South Somerset District Council approved detailed plans for the first 110 homes in March 2021, with construction officially starting later the same year.

The developer has now revealed its proposed designs for the remaining homes at the northern end of the site, which could be delivered within the next three to four years. The master plan for the key site includes the new homes being delivered in two phases – the first phase of 110 homes in the south (which will also provide employment land and a 60-bed care home) and phase two of 525 homes in the north ).

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The new link road will connect the two phases, with the vacant space between becoming the “southern park”, with new woods and open green spaces in addition to the planned play areas. Once construction is complete, these green spaces will be transferred to either Crewkerne Borough Council or the new Somerset Unitary Council, which is due to formally take over in April 2023.

The first details of phase two were released as part of a consultation event hosted by Taylor Wimpey in late March before a formal planning application was submitted to the district council. Of the 525 homes offered in phase two, 33 will be affordable, bringing the total for the two phases to 50.

Plans include an area near the A30 which is for a new primary school – one of the conditions for granting preliminary permission. However, Somerset County Council advised in January 2021 that the site will no longer be needed in light of its reforms of existing schools in and around Crewkerne and Ilminster which will come into effect in September 2022.

Plans for 525 homes in phase two of key Crewkerne site

In light of this, the school site is likely to be given over to further accommodation – although this will require a separate planning application. Taylor Wimpey is still to provide more than £2.2million for new places in Crewkerne Schools as part of the outline permission – one of several financial contributions to the town that have been secured.

These include over £393,000 for open space and recreation outside the site (which could be used to improve other parks and play facilities), £277,000 to improve Crewkerne’s existing road network , £164,000 to secure local bus services and over £100,000 for improved cycling facilities in and around the city.

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said: “At the heart of the development is the new Village Green and Local Center which provides informal and formal open space, including a playground. To the east of the Village Green, a new local center building is located which will provide opportunities for shops, cafes or other facilities for the community.

“The southern parks area will provide additional informal space for people and wildlife, with extensive timber plantations creating habitats here and informal mown paths providing walking routes.”

Plans for open green space and link road in phase two of key Crewkerne site
Plans for open green space and link road in phase two of key Crewkerne site

A formal planning application covering phase two is expected to be submitted to the district council in the coming months. Taylor Wimpey has indicated that the haul road linking the phase one and phase two sites could be delivered in full by summer 2023, with the last link road and access to the A30 completed when the first 200 houses are occupied. .

Construction of phase one is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024, with phase two commencing around that time, provided additional planning agreement can be secured.