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IRONWOOD — Ankur Rungta, a business owner who hopes to open a marijuana retail facility called QPS Holdings at 100 W. Cloverland Drive in Ironwood, recently submitted an amended site plan for his facility to the Planning Commission. of Ironwood, which was discussed at a public hearing. Thursday.

Community Development Director Tom Bergman clarified to the commission that QBS Holdings does not have a marijuana retail establishment license and is not pre-approved for one. However, they wanted to modify their already proposed site plan in hopes that the city would change their ordinance to allow for additional establishments.

The city commission is currently considering an amendment that will permit two additional marijuana retail locations and will hold a public hearing on those changes in the auditorium of the Ironwood Memorial Building at 5:20 p.m. Monday.

Rungta wants to modify the QBS Holdings site plan so that customers can enter the building for curbside service – similar to Rize UP, another marijuana retail establishment that plans to open the doors of its outlet at 411 E. Cloverland Drive this summer. Rungta said this would allow QBS Holdings to take full advantage of its ownership while retaining the full interior layout as originally planned.

The new sitemap with a drive-thru has eight fewer parking spaces than the original sitemap, but Rungta said this amendment will improve traffic flow due to the number of customers who will be using the new feature.

Bergman said there was a lane between the parking spaces and the facility in the site plan and the owners would need some sort of traffic mechanism to prevent the lane from being blocked. Rungta said they plan to have signage and a road block to restrict traffic when entering the store, which will be staffed by an employee.

The planning commission has expressed concern that the venture is attracting more cars than parking spaces and that traffic is spilling onto surrounding roads, particularly Lowell Street. Rungta proposed closing the east entrance with traffic cones during their peak hours and redirecting traffic to the north entrance on Southland Avenue.

The planning commission decided to table this item on Bergman’s recommendation because he wanted to discuss the pros and cons of closing the Lowell Street entrance with City Manager Scott Erickson and building inspector Dennis Hewitt.

The planning commission also approved a conditional use permit for a dog grooming house at 210 E. Harding Avenue.