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A final site plan has been approved for the second phase of an age-limited development along US 15 in Frederick that is expected to total nearly 400 units.

The city’s Planning Commission voted unanimously on Monday to approve the combined preliminary plan and final site plan for Section 2 of the Bloomfields community, being developed by Natelli Communities.

The community – on the east and south sides of Willowbrook Road and west of US 15 – will add 207 detached single-family homes and 186 townhouses and villas.

The entire Bloomfields community is bordered by Sundays Lane to the north, Willow Road to the south, US 15 to the east and Willowbrook Road to the west, according to a Planning Commission report prepared by city staffers.

The first section of the community, with 229 single-family homes and 79 townhouses/villas, was approved in November 2020, according to the staff report.

The developer is trying to take much of the design from Section 1 and has tried to focus on how the units are oriented around small parks and other areas that can be destinations for residents, said Michael Natelli, of Natelli Communities, to the commission.

The commission granted an amendment to allow noise walls in a section of the neighborhood to be up to 12 feet high – above the 6 feet allowed by the city’s land management code – to help limit the noise from nearby freeway.

Natelli said the developer would try to keep the fences under 12 feet if possible, but asked for some flexibility in the requirements.

The wall in this area will need to be further away from the homes it would protect, requiring a higher height to be effective, he said.

The project will include five types of single-family homes and two models of villas, according to the staff report.

Bloomfields was annexed to the city in two parts, according to the staff report: 286 acres in September 2009, then 252 acres in September 2012.

A previous master plan called for up to 1,200 units, 1.3 million square feet of retail or office space, and a 15-acre school site.

A preliminary plan and a final site plan for the first residential phase were approved prior to the cessation of project activities.

A new annexation resolution was passed in 2017 after Natelli Communities announced plans to create an age-restricted community.

A master plan was approved in October 2018 for 1,500 non-residential units and amenities.

The project includes 45 acres of public park and open space, including 15 acres that the city will transfer to the county for a school site and 15 acres for public park that will include a portion of the Tuscarora Creek Trail and a shared-use trail. There is also land for a future water tower.

The last 15 acres will be a linear Park along US 15 which will be part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Scenic Byway, according to the staff report.