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Planning Commission approves site plan for new gas station

Posted at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Oxford Planning Commission has conditionally approved a site plan proposal from Ran Management for the new C-Store Evergreen. The property is located at 5093 George G “Pat” Patterson Parkway, corner of Highway 314.

The applicant has already received two special exceptions related to the site, including an exception for the use of a gas station on the site and a special exception for the installation of a drive-thru.

The maximum lot coverage allowed is 80%. Ran Management offers 64% lot coverage. The site will include 36 parking spaces, including 3 designated for people with disabilities. Other approved features include landscaping that meets area landscaping standards. There are no trees large enough on site to require mitigation.

The construction materials offered are brick veneer, decorative stone, aluminum and glass, which meet the requirements of the land use code. The pump island and canopy will be matched with building materials in accordance with land use planning code, and the applicant plans to construct a sidewalk that would connect the service station to future development in the area.

Final approval of the stormwater management plan must be approved by the city’s engineering department.

The sitemap sparked discussions throughout the process regarding the location of the drive-thru and how the queue will affect site traffic. The original plans shared with the Planning Commission showed the window on the wrong side of the building. The updated plan shared at the October meeting showed an updated description of the window location. However, the location of the window and its proposed queue would place the drive-thru window on the passenger side of customer vehicles.

The Ran Management representative plans to discuss and resolve this issue with the architect, before sharing updated site plans with the city.