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The Jamestown Planning Commission this week approved a site plan for the Salvation Army’s ANEW Center, while filing a site plan for the Chautauqua Opportunities Women’s Homeless Shelter.

The ANEW Center is a domestic shelter that provides services to women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

The Salvation Army plans to begin the first phase of its development for the new site once it receives final approval from the city. The first phase will include a new two-story building, for which the Salvation Army has already secured state funding. The Salvation Army recently received $3.8 million in state funding for the project which is expected to cost $4.8 million.

Salvation Army officials told the committee that construction plans for the first of the three buildings meet all required state regulations.

Representatives were unable to provide the location of the new site due to a non-disclosure agreement, however, the Salvation Army presented detailed plans to the Jamestown Planning Commission.

The Salvation Army plans to make parking and drainage improvements to the new location. Additionally, the organization developed landscaping plans at the new location that would improve the site’s environmental footprint.

The new site will accommodate seven units with a total of 19 beds for women and children.

The total property size is approximately 1.2 acres; however, representatives of the Salvation Army said that “total disruption” of the plan will involve less than one acre.

The existing building on the new location has already been demolished, paving the way for construction of the new building when all plans have been fully approved.

Although city officials individually reviewed the plans, the city did not come together collectively to give its approval to the site plans.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Jamestown Planning Commission unanimously approved plans for the site subject to approval by city officials.

Chautauqua Opportunities Women’s Shelter also presented site plans for a homeless shelter to the Jamestown Planning Commission.

The three-story building would house 12 temporary residential apartments with a maximum capacity of 18 people. Each apartment unit would include a living area with a small kitchen and a bedroom with a closet.

Residents of the proposed Chautauqua Opportunities Women’s Shelter would be connected to social services and have a variety of needs met at the facility.

“Our goal with this project from the beginning was to help have a better environment for those who are homeless,” said the project engineer.

While the Jamestown Planning Commission supported the plan, the committee filed the site plan to allow Chautauqua Opportunities to provide them with more detailed plans.

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