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BRICK TOWNSHIP — The Brick Planning Board last week rejected a site plan submitted by Pinnacle Commercial Development, Inc. to divide a former single-family home into three separate houses off Herbertsville Road.

The proposed retail area would be 73,000 square feet. and be built on a 1.67 acre lot.

At the June 22 meeting, engineer Jason Marciano, representing the applicant, maintained that the property had passed all inspections, complied with residential zone ordinances, and installed “no substantial harm to the public.”


The property was originally accessed by a U-shaped driveway from Herbertsville Road and according to the plan, access to the new commercial site would only be permitted from Yellow Brick Road.

City planner Tara Paxton, for the planning board, recommended that access from Herbertsville Road remain in place. The applicant raised no objection to this change.

Residents of Yellow Brick Road then expressed concern that the paving of three new driveways will eventually result in the removal of an island separating the entrance from the exit at the start of their community. However, both the plaintiff and the council said the proposed plan did not include the removal of the island. Additionally, Planning Board Councilor Cosmo Occhiogrosso recommended that an additional driveway to the one already proposed, facing Herbertsville Road, be put in place to ease residents’ concerns.

Mr. Marciano, the plaintiff’s engineer, stated that he believed his plan to create an entrance facing Herbertsville Road or to keep the three driveways facing Yellow Brick Road was the “best design” for traffic on Herbertsville Road. He also says driveways will be built to accommodate at least two cars at a time, reducing the chances of street parking.

After reviewing the minor site plan and traffic concerns, council made the decision to reassess the plan on August 10 once the revisions were completed.

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