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HERKIMER, NY — The Herkimer Planning Board approved site plan revisions for the abandoned Kmart Plaza development in Herkimer on Monday evening.

The place has been vacant since the store closed in 2017.

In October, BME Associates of Fairport, which is located near Rochester, announced that it would purchase the site and redevelop the land into 4 separate building zones that will house a mix of commercial and retail users. Pristine Auto Wash, Wellnow Urgent Care and T-Mobile are 3 of the tenants known to move into the site.

The 4and is a yet-to-be-determined fast food restaurant with drive-thru.

As for the Kmart building itself, that remains to be seen, says planning board chairman Adam Hutchinson.

“At this point, they’re not doing anything with the old K-mart building. They’re splitting the lot. They’re subdividing it into different lots. Basically, they’re focusing on developing the front half which is the parking lot right now. This is where the buildings are going to be erected”.

Rebecca Spurr, project engineer at BME Associates, told the planning committee that work on the T-Mobile and Wellnow Urgent Care buildings would begin as soon as possible.