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10:09 am 27 June 2022

10:17 am 27 June 2022

A planning framework has been approved, paving the way for a major redevelopment that could create 25,500 new homes and 56,000 new jobs.

The Old Oak and Park Royal opportunity area includes the area south of the railway tracks through Stonebridge Park and Willesden Junction.

It will form a neighborhood around High Speed ​​2’s (HS2) new Old Oak Common station, known as the ‘HS2 Superhub’, straddling the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham.

As a strategic site, it is supervised by the town hall and the project is led by the Mayor’s Independent Development Company (OPDC), in collaboration with the central government.

On Thursday, the OPDC adopted its local plan – site development framework – after public consultation and the green light from a town planning inspector.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “Old Oak and Park Royal are London’s biggest opportunity for new and affordable housing and jobs. This local plan will allow my development company to unlock this potential and continue our work to build a better London for all.

“As a major new gateway between London and the regions, linked by the new HS2 station, it offers huge economic and regeneration opportunities for the capital and the rest of the UK for generations to come.”

An artist’s sketch of Old Oak Park, part of the OPDC development, from 2015. Photo: Old Oak Park
– Credit: Archant

The plan sets a target of 50% affordable housing and 30% public green space.

Earlier this year, the OPDC secured a £50m loan from the Mayor’s Land Fund to begin delivery of 1,100 new, affordable homes.

Around 6,000 homes have already been built and the company is working with the government to coordinate public sector land holdings in the area to provide London’s biggest brownfield development opportunity, known as Old Oak West .

The OPDC will begin engaging the public on its plans for Old Oak West in the fall of 2022.

OPDC Chair Liz Peace said: “In just a few years, Old Oak Common station, the largest ever built in the UK, will open.

“It will create an unprecedented opportunity for regeneration and investment as Old Oak becomes one of the most connected places in the UK.

“Our local plan will organize and optimize this potential for growth, while placing at the heart of true environmental, social and economic sustainability.”

'Early illustrative sketches in support of the draft local plan, courtesy of OPDC'.

Early illustrative sketches of the new Old Oak Common and Park Royal neighborhood
– Credit: OPDC