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New sitemap for Hospital Cross in Helston with The Range removed

By April 25, 2022Site plan

New plans have been submitted for the proposed retail park in Helston, showing one less store.

A full planning application was submitted last September for development of land at the top of the town to include a McDonald’s, Aldi, The Range and Costa.

The pristine 2.7 hectare site is in Hospital Cross, between Sainsbury’s supermarket and Flambards theme park, and RNAS Culdrose.

However, a new sitemap has now been submitted by the Pegasus Group, on behalf of Parsonage Developments Ltd, which shows The Range removed from the plans.

This follows an objection from the Ministry of Defence, which led developers and planners to agree to an eight-week deadline to make room for further consultation, after it was found that current proposals should be modified or risk being rejected.

The objection stated that the development would fall within a safeguard zone of one of the MoD’s air navigation aids, a High Resolution Direction Finder (HRDF), which is located on a mast near the runway at RNAS Culdrose.

The safeguard zone that surrounds the HRDF is designed to maintain a protected grade line around the instrument, so that it is not obstructed or its performance degraded by nearby buildings or structures.

The sitemap now, with The Range removed Photo: The Pegasus Group/Cornwall Council

Along with breaching the Safeguard Area, the MoD also raised concerns about bird strikes that could result from the development, “providing additional attractants to dangerous birds, resulting in an increased risk of strike of birds for aircraft operating from RNAS Culdrose”.

The Ministry of Defense has also raised concerns that waste generated from the development could end up on the base’s runway, causing a risk of “foreign object debris”.

The new site plan shows that Aldi has been moved further to the Culdrose side of the site, into space that would previously have been occupied by The Range.

The remaining area is now designated as a service yard and parking lot, following a redesign of the parking spaces.

Details of the layout of McDonald’s and Costa appear to remain unchanged.

The previous sitemap with The Range alongside Aldi Picture: Pegasus.

The previous sitemap with The Range alongside Aldi Picture: Pegasus.

The app continues to divide opinion, with members of the public commenting as recently as February and March this year.

The most recent comment was supportive, with the writer saying, “I fully support this development in hopes it will improve my children’s quality of life, save me gas money to travel more away to use these businesses, and will bring jobs and business to Helston.

“I will also be returning to work very soon and as someone experienced in retail I can see the potential to get a job with one of these companies.”

Another wrote: “Interest in Helston is rapidly diminishing as it doesn’t have much to offer. I think these new ventures are a very good idea to bring more attention to the town and also more jobs for residents.

However, a third person wrote: ‘As a resident of the Lizard Peninsula, I strongly oppose this proposed development for several reasons.’

He then listed some of them, including traffic, describing the roundabouts which would be affected by the proposal as ‘already awful in the summer months’, adding: ‘There are many days where traffic is blocked for miles in all directions from these intersections. It’s the only way out of the Lizard and traffic is more than an inconvenience, it’s a significant health and safety concern. Imagine you’re rushing towards A&E or you are evacuating an area due to a fire that is spiraling out of control.

He also cited conservation as another reason, as well as concerns about noise and odor nuisance, particularly air pollution, concluding: “I believe this development project will be a social, fiscal and health burden. for our community.”

In total, Cornwall Council has received 282 comments from the public so far, with 190 objecting and 88 in favour.

The latest site plan and proposed designs can be found on the Cornwall Council website under Plans PA21/07481.