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SIOUX CITY — The Sioux City Council voted unanimously Monday to approve a site plan for a proposed apartment complex on Morningside Avenue, provided the location of a dumpster enclosure is moved south.

The site plan for the 24-unit, three-storey apartment building at 1720 Morningside Avenue shows the proposed dumpster enclosure in the northwest corner of the site.

Pickle Properties, which owns the property immediately to the north, appealed the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to approve the site plan, in particular because of the location of a dumpster enclosure .

Board member Jason Geary said the developer had to appear before the appeal board on multiple occasions due to “several deficiencies” in the site plan that did not meet city code, such as issues reversing and parking. He noted that neighbors also expressed frustrations about the project and asked a number of questions related to water runoff.

“If it wasn’t such a dense project, do you think you could get rid of some of these different little quirks?” asked Mayor Bob Scott. “Twenty-four units seems to be plenty for this site. »

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Geary told Scott he thought the building envelope would stay the same. He said going from a three-story building to a two-story building would reduce the need for parking.

“I guess the developer pushed that because, based on the numbers, that’s what they need to make it work,” he said. “From a practical and common sense point of view, I don’t know how much you can really modify this site, even if you just make a story out of it. And, then, is it possible to do as much concrete work and all that kind of stuff and make a cash flow?”

Velma Ludwig, who lives on Rue Saint-Aubin Sud, expressed concern about increased noise, as well as traffic on the street and on the sidewalk. She said the proposed apartment building, which she described as “austere”, would not fit in with the look of the Peters Park neighborhood. She noted that two other adjacent apartment buildings are older.

“There’s just too much traffic to add that many people,” Ludwig said. “…Funeral home guests have no place to park. They park in prohibited areas. Is this how to treat our visitors? To add more traffic?”

Erin Nelson, who also lives on Rue Saint-Aubin Sud, said she was concerned about noise from an HVAC system, which would be visible, as well as increased traffic and privacy issues. and drainage.

“There’s no way to keep the runoff there. We already have erosion to the front and back. There’s no storm sewer in all of Peters Park until what you get halfway around that block,” she said.

Developer Paul Koskovich told council that no water leaves the site and that the project will be an “improvement” in that regard for neighbours. He said the dumpster enclosure was placed in the northwest corner so the truck driver could easily access it.

“Asking a guy to come home and drive once a week is a nuisance,” he said.