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SUISUN CITY — The Planning Commission approved the site plan and architectural review application in a 4-0 vote Tuesday to build 160 apartments on the southeast corner of Marina Boulevard and Buena Vista Avenue.

There are two vacancies on the committee.

The Marina Village Apartments project is described as a 100% affordable housing development.

It will provide affordable rental housing reserved for households earning between 30 and 70% of the territory’s median income.

The development will consist of nine three-storey garden-style residential buildings, a community building and a laundry building.

The majority of public commentators were concerned about how the development would affect traffic in this area. Many motorists take Buena Vista Avenue to Marina Boulevard to access Highway 12.

During commute and school hours, traffic may be slow on Buena Vista and Railroad Avenue.

The main access to the site will be located next to the management office, along the western edge of the site, connected to Marina Boulevard by a right-hand driveway only.

Secondary access to the site will be located at the northeast corner of the development, connected to Buena Vista Avenue by a new driveway. An eastbound right-turn pocket is included at the proposed Buena Vista Avenue entrance.

“Marina Boulevard already has a lot of traffic,” said George Guynn. “It will get more serious with 160 units and maybe three to four cars per unit.”

He suggested the city focus more on commercial development than housing.

Marina Village is the first project to be reviewed under the city’s new Good Neighbor Policy, designed to ensure that reasonably calculated procedures are in place to ensure that the premises are kept quiet, safe and clean and surroundings.

“This project is only good for developers,” said Steve Olry. “I’d rather live next to a juvenile detention center (than this project).”

A traffic study found that the average vehicle delay on Marina Boulevard at Buena Vista Avenue is expected to exceed conditions by 5 seconds or more.

It offered two upgrade options:

• Maintain stop control in all directions and add a northbound right-turn pocket.
• Build a traffic light.

Donna LeBlanc was concerned that there were only three designated waste areas. This was the number recommended by the Services of the Republic.

Marina Village is a Solano affordable housing project that will be paid for with federal and state money, said Don Harris of Solano Affordable Housing.

“This is not a Section 8 project,” Harris said. “The income limits are checked annually.”

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