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Lucan Commercial Development Receives Conditional Site Plan Approval

By May 12, 2022May 14th, 2022Site plan

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Lucan-Biddulph City Council has conditionally approved the site plan for a planned large new shopping center at the north end of Lucan.

Content of the article

Conditional site plan approval was granted at the May 3 council meeting at the Glenns Shopping Center at 315 Main Street on a 3.73-hectare (9.24-acre) parcel of land at the far end north of Lucan (north of the community center). The land is now used for agriculture.

As Middlesex County planner Dan FitzGerald explained in his report to council, site plan approval allows “the construction of a large format commercial development primarily for retail, restaurants , professional offices and commercial services in the form of a gas station and an automatic car wash. ”

The project proposes a commercial development of 5,087.49 square meters consisting of five separate buildings.

According to the FitzGerald report, “Municipal services currently do not exist on the property and access is maintained via Main Street. As a condition of development, the developer would be required to extend municipal services to the property through Main Street.

Certain conditions and provincial approvals must still be met for the site plan agreement to be signed. Responding to the con. To Daniel Regan’s concerns about traffic on Highway 4, FitzGerald said there will be a requirement for two left turn lanes on Highway 4 in the development.

Com. Jaden Hodgins asked if the sidewalks off Highway 4 leading to the property are part of the project. Public Works Director Jeff Little said sidewalks are not part of the project and will need to be addressed in the future.