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Featured Photo: A street view of the VFW, which will remain open until the new building is ready to be constructed. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 6-8-2021

by Art Benavidez

Fredericksburg (Gillespie County) – Local VFW 7105 substation had their site plan approved for a new facility at this week’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The new facility would be located at their current location at 710 S. Washington in the southern part of town.

The property is 1.8 acres in size and the business would be operational until the new facility is ready to be built.

The new VFW hall would include an 8,512 square foot office / assembly building, 77% waterproof coverage and 120 parking spaces, as well as landscaping and a sidewalk.

A site plan by local architects W. Cass Phillips Planning and Design shows a 5,000 square foot pavilion with a building height of 20 feet, a 512 square foot foyer and a 3,000 square foot cantina.

Cass phillips, who represented the project, said development was still in its early stages.

“The plan here is that a good deal of fundraising is needed to make that happen,” he said. “The main revenue stream for what VFW has to do with their programming is what this cantina generates. The idea is that we want to rebuild the facility behind that row of trees that divides the land in half and remove the old building once they’re ready to put the new one into use.

Phillips was unable to provide the commission with a specific development schedule and was reminded that approval of the site plan would be valid for two years.

“I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest to start construction until we have money in the bank,” he added.

A marketing campaign to facilitate the new development of the VFW is currently underway, according to member Jim Bisson.

VBX Project ID: 2021-5A71

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