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Students at UNIVERSITY of Limerick had the opportunity to gain real-time experience on one of Ireland’s most exciting construction projects.

UL civil engineering students took on the role of engineering consultants at Limerick’s Twenty Thirty Opera Square.

The 35 students based their integrated design project on development as part of their third year course.

The students had to complete the civil and structural design of the “One Opera Square” building at the Opera project site, a six-story office building above the basement on Michael Street.

Some of the tasks that needed to be performed included professional practice elements such as structural analysis, risk and health and safety assessments, surveying including geotechnical soil profiles, field testing and in the soil laboratory and the development of a mobility management plan for the Opera project. .

Course leader for the project, Declan Phillips, said: “UL’s Civil Engineering program uses an exclusively ‘learning by doing’ approach to prepare the next generation of engineers. This partnership with Limerick Twenty Thirty is a prime example.

Mr Phillips added: “Opera Square is one of the most anticipated and exciting projects underway in Ireland and it has been a huge advantage to be able to get our students to base their IDP on it. We have received great support from the Limerick Twenty Thirty team, Cogent Associates project managers and SISK entrepreneurs, and the experience students gain will be invaluable to them, especially as they prepare for their co-op internship.

If a civil engineering student had to choose a project they would like to work on, Opera would measure up because of its scale, complexity, and ambition. It was a great experience for them.

David Conway, CEO of Limerick Twenty Thirty, said: “We were delighted to help UL with this project. Opera Square has everything and more that civil engineering students would want to explore.

“These students will be the civil engineers of tomorrow and it is essential that the sector has the flow of graduates to support the activity, so it is important for us in this regard also to be able to support initiatives like this. UL’s civil engineering program has an excellent reputation and being one of our local universities, this is something we are delighted to have collaborated on.

After a presentation to the speakers and representatives of Limerick Twenty Thirty, awards were given for the best team design presentation, best site assessment, best geotechnical design and best structural design.