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What a beautiful saying that fits so well where we, the citizens of Cannon Beach, find ourselves today.

Before the pandemic, the city hall project was somewhere between stalled and slow, which is where the blue ribbon committee left it and where the city council should have left it. But then came the coronavirus.

City council meetings were closed except for electronic participation. What a smart time to push through a new city hall project with very little citizen oversight. Bruce could mix up his own Kool-Aid town building mix and serve it to a town council thirsty for his heritage. legacy.

Bruce once told me that he built a municipal building in almost every town he worked for. Clearly, this is his priority.

And just as clearly his priority is not to sit down individually or collectively with restaurants to get a sense of the impact on their businesses, their customers and their lives. Especially with the coronavirus still raging. Three times I asked Bruce if one of his financial plans included insurance to pay off tsunami obligations. He told me several times that the insurance would rebuild the city hall and I asked him several times what would replenish the tax revenue to pay off the loan.

Everything west of Hemlock will disappear along with much of the eastern side. Property taxes will dry up within a year. The tourist tax will be a distant memory. The proposed sales tax would not be there even if passed. And we will end up with a largely destroyed city and a largely destroyed city hall carrying a mortgage of somewhere between $15 and $25 million.

If the insurance is not there to pay off the mortgage, the city will start its next life in the bottom or in bankruptcy. Bruce refused to answer my questions about this for three years. I wonder why ??

People, there are far more important things in Cannon Beach to worry about than six people getting their names on a brass plaque on the corner of their imaginary town hall.

Put the coronavirus completely behind us. Restart a public process with citizen participation. Put the police in laptops so they have a safe environment and fund the fire department more reliably. Make smart business decisions.

City councils and city managers come and go. Some of us have been here for three, four or five decades, and some of us for less. We all deserve better than that. Vote No.

James Litherland

Barrel range