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Kingsbury Park District Council is holding a public consultation meeting on Monday, August 8 at 6 p.m. at the District Office at 630 East City Route 40.

The focus will be on the William S. Wait Park Site Master Plan.

Park District Superintendent Jerry Sauerwein said the purpose of the meeting was to hear feedback and feedback from the public. Over the past year or so, Sauerwein said district officials have received several comments about developing pickleball courts and a dog park. He said a company worked on the district plan and two site plans were made, one for William S. Wait Park and one for Jaycee Park. Jerry said the draft plan shows the two are settled in William S. Wait Park. He said the plan is to demolish the old playground and install four pickleball courts, a two-sided dog park – one for large dogs and one for smaller football and flag football fields, a walking and biking trail, a fitness/ninja class, all-weather bathroom and asphalt on the parking lot.

Click below to hear his comments:

Sauerwein said the district won’t be able to do all the projects at once, but maybe in phases.

The district is seeking citizen input and then plans to apply for a state grant for open land acquisition and development, or OSLAD. The grant round has not yet been opened.

Sauerwein said receiving an OSLAD grant is important for the plan to move forward.

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