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OWNERS of Kings Park Village would be interested in expanding into an adjacent former landfill site to build 50 new mobile homes.

Initial discussions have taken place between Cove Communities and Castle Point Council regarding the purchase of the land just east of the retirement village of Canvey.

The land was within the boundaries of the old Canvey Newlands landfill site which operated from 1954 to 1989.

However, the area where the 50 houses would potentially be located “was not part of the area in which the landfill took place,” a council report revealed earlier this year.

Mandated to ensure the viability of housing construction on the site, the report adds: “When operating the landfill, it was important to maintain a buffer zone … The allocation site therefore did not been formally used for the deposit of any illegal dumping of flies on occasion.

Now Cove Communities is looking to purchase council land that has been allocated for the development of 50 homes in the local plan.

“If the opportunity to expand Kings Park Village arose, we would be interested in working with the local council to implement their local plan,” said Rob Turner, resort manager at Kings Park Village.

The former Canvey Newlands landfill site is now known as Canvey Heights Country Park.

The 50-house site, locally referred to as HO31, is between Kings Park Village and Canvey Heights Country Park.

The landfill was used for biological waste, although it is likely that it was contaminated with non-biological waste as well over time, as less strict waste sorting regimes existed at that time and landfills did not. were not subject to modern regulations.

Experts carried out tests on the site to see if it would be safe for development and, according to a report from the council, “methane levels have remained below Environment Agency guideline values.”

The report gave the green light for the development of the land claim, saying that “the potential risks are identifiable and can be mitigated”, while adding that it would be necessary to undertake the remediation of the contaminated lands.

“It is expected that this allowance will be delivered as an extension to the neighboring village of Kings Park,” the report adds. “The council is in discussions with the owner-operator of Kings Park Village regarding the acquisition of the site.