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LANSING, W. Va., May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla™ FOG Separation and Processing Systems, Announces Sheltowee CleanTech Fund I, LLC, is Investing Over $8 million to expand the Greasezilla technology nationwide. Greasezilla will invest the capital to build ten new Greasezilla FOG receiving stations with private and public joint ventures across the country.

Eric DobsonCEO of Sheltowee CleanTech Fund, said, “This is our second investment in Greasezilla. The company first caught our attention for its unique ability to convert FOG waste into energy with an exceptional return on investment. Greasezilla has created a viable and lucrative business. model to advance waste reduction, water harvesting and biofuel production initiatives for concrete advances in a more sustainable world.”

Greasezilla is the leading provider of solutions to manage the overabundance of FOG created by food establishments and industrial food production facilities worldwide. Originally developed for independent grease haulers, Greasezilla’s ability to turn the FOG waste problem into a sustainable energy source addresses larger infrastructure, environmental and energy issues. As a result, Greasezilla finds significant market opportunities in wastewater treatment facilities, food processing plants, independent pumps, biofuels and biodiesel production.

“Our systems efficiently turn a negative value waste stream into resources while generating unparalleled profitability for operators, both from FOG treatment costs and biofuel sales. No other technology in the industry can match it. “, said Brian LevinEVP, Downey Ridge Environmental Company, “Greasezilla will use the funding to place FOG separation systems across the country in joint ventures, fueling its growth as one of the fastest growing clean technology companies.”

Greasezilla changes the paradigm of FOG disposal by replacing traditional landfill and incineration practices with a resource recovery model. By separating FOG into its basic components, Greasezilla generates a consolidated advanced brown fat (ABF) biofuel that can be sold as a commodity. ABF, with less than one percent moisture content, also provides an ideal, inexpensive, conversion-ready feedstock for biodiesel producers.

To learn more about Greasezilla’s FOG separation system and international biofuel distribution network, visit For more information about Sheltowee’s syndicated private equity network, visit

Media Contact:
Brian Levin
Downey Ridge Environmental Society
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SOURCE Downey Ridge Environmental Company