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Gozo Regional Airport site plan proposal tabled in Parliament

By February 8, 2022February 12th, 2022Site plan

The site plan for the Gozo region where the government is proposing a regional airport was tabled in parliament on Tuesday.

A public consultation must take place to obtain comments on the proposal.

In response to a parliamentary question from PN MP Chris Said, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri said Xewkija heliport had not been in service since 2008, apart from occasional hospital airlifts.

The technical experts hired were asked not to include the use of additional land used for agricultural purposes; ensure that the plan accommodates aircraft that can carry a maximum of 11 passengers and take into account the environmental impact of said airport.

Although Clint Camilleri did not release the drawings he was referring to in parliament, he said they would be released in the coming weeks by the Gozo Development Authority.

A layout plan of the proposed area for the regional airport shows that the airstrip extends beyond the perimeter of the current heliport. The minister explained how runaway must be developed to make room for fixed-wing aircraft.

Camilleri highlighted how such a future runaway that can accommodate fixed-wing aircraft will be economically beneficial for Gozo.