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EDISON, NJ — The township’s zoning board will not vote on the controversial plan to build 23 age-restricted townhouses on the site of the former Charlie Brown restaurant on Plainfield Road before Easter.

On Tuesday, the zoning board held a meeting that lasted more than five hours. MEPs then decided to resume the hearing on 26 April. They should also vote that day.

MarKim Developers, LLC proposes to construct a 23-unit age-limited multi-family townhouse at 222 Plainfield Road near the Metuchen Golf and Country Club. The earlier plan was to build 23 three-bedroom townhouses on the 2-acre site.

The area is located within the GC Golf Course area. The Charlie Brown restaurant building will be demolished to make way for the new development.

This change requires a customary derogation which can be granted by five of the seven members of the Board of Directors.

According to the revised application, the age-restricted units will be for people aged 55 and over. The height of the proposed building has been reduced to 33 feet 10 inches, which is less than the maximum height of 35 feet allowed in the GC zone.

The application also includes the restriction of driveways on Plainfield Road to prohibit left turns off site.

They will eliminate the third story rear balconies of the south and north buildings and add a second row of trees at a planting height of 10ft to 12ft to screen properties to the south of the site.

Residents objected to the developer’s plan saying it could change the character of the neighborhood and add to traffic problems.