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Legacy Constructors Inc. this week installed temporary fencing around 71 Main Street in preparation for site plan approval and building permits for a 64-unit, nine-storey residential development on the site.

City of Hamilton spokeswoman Michelle Shantz confirmed eight site plan conditions remain outstanding, along with the city’s approval of a construction management plan and construction agreement. shoring and encroachment, before building permits are issued.

Shantz said April 5 that conditions still pending approval include: grading and drainage control; servicing plan, site plan drawing, taxes, tariff of fees, security deposit, removal of a holdback clause and special servicing agreement.

In an April 6 email to neighbors, Legacy Constructors and Porte-cochere houses vice president of operations and construction manager James Cameron said the company had arrived at the site for “preparatory activities” including tree removal and fencing installation.

“We have conducted an initial hazard assessment, with the safety of the public (and all) being our primary concern,” Cameron said in the email. “Under no circumstances should anyone enter the construction area unless authorized construction personnel.

“We will do our best to be good neighbors while working on this site, and that sentiment is echoed by the owner. We can appreciate the inconvenience and disruption that our work can sometimes bring. Please also understand that we have a job to do and are working together. If you have any legitimate concerns, please bring them to my attention. We will do our best to provide periodic updates in the future.

In a previous notice, Cameron said inquiries can be directed to his attention at 905-637-8888, ext. 204 or [email protected]

If construction excavations reveal undocumented archaeological resources, the Ontario Heritage Act requires work to be stopped and a licensed archaeologist hired for assessment.

If human remains are discovered during the excavation, the police or the coroner and the provincial registrar of cemeteries must be notified.