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Last week, Crescent Communities and Nuveen Real Estate announced plans for a 31-story tower at the edge of Carson and South Tryon, on the property where Enterprise Rent-A-Car is currently located.

Why is it important: It is the latest project in a wave of development that will eventually connect Uptown to the South End. A Crescent executive said his company had been monitoring the site for “some time”.

“This address and location frankly offers the best of both worlds,” Sagar Rathie, general manager of Crescent Communities’ business unit, said of South End and Uptown.

Zoom out: This development follows a neighboring project which will also link South End and Uptown. Riverside Investment & Development, a Chicago firm, plans to spend $750 million to build three towers on the Midnight Diner site for a range of uses, including offices, a hotel, residences and retail.

“Quite honestly, as this continues to grow, we believe Carson and Tryon will become their own mini-district, serving as connectivity between South End and Uptown,” Rathie said.

Details: The Crescent/Nuveen development, called Carson South End, will include:

  • Nearly 560,000 square feet of office space
  • 10,000 square feet of retail space
  • A luxury boutique hotel with 200 rooms
  • More than 100 apartments
  • An 8,000 square foot pleasure terrace

Most apartments will be one-bedroom and all will be market priced, Rathie said. The development will have a parking deck with approximately 1,300 spaces.

“All we prioritize is how to make sure employees, hotel guests, residents, etc. feel connected to South End and Uptown,” Rathie said.

Chronology: The project is in its pre-development phase, she said. The aim is to start construction later this year and deliver in 2025.

This is what Carson South End will look like.

Rendered courtesy of Crescent Communities

Carson South End

Carson South End

Carson South End

Courtesy of Crescent Communities

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