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Interest in a proposed campground on Perry Road in the town of Pavilion is high, according to the consultant working with a LeRoyan looking to develop 20 to 30 acres on a 94-acre plot.

“We have about 60 people who have already signed letters of intent to rent campsites,” said David Ciurzynski of Ciurzynski Consulting LLC, Attica.

Ciurzynski represented Le Roy’s Jesse Coots at the Genesee County Planning Council meeting on Thursday evening via Zoom video conference.

Planners recommended approval of a special use permit for the 346 site campground and recreation area at 10156 Perry Road, but included stipulations involving mitigation of adverse effects on wetlands. and obtaining a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The developers are tackling these issues, Ciurzynski said.

“We are really excited about this project. We have completed the technical study and the delineation of the wetlands, which has been submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and the DEC, ”he said. “Once we get the special use permit, we will go into full engineering and be able to complete the prevention of storm water pollution and other elements of the project.”

Ciurzynski said the plan is to start with 100 sites and expand the rest once campers start populating the campground.

Planners asked about water and sewage capacities, Ciurzynski saying the size of the project prohibits holding tanks.

“We’re going to have to do a septic system, with a full sewage bed and everything,” he said.

Planning director Felipe Oltramari responded by saying he hopes homeowners are “lucky to find water” when drilling wells.

Ciurzynski said the preferred option is to build the first 100 sites against the road to minimize the number of wells required, as the town of Pavilion has also embarked on its water district project.

“Speaking with the supervisor (Rob LaPoint), he would like this water district along Perry Road to work as well, so we hope our project will help set it up so that we can use the water from the Pavilion Water District to instead of having to drill several wells, ”he said.

Currently, the 94-acre parcel consists of woods and agricultural fields and is zoned agricultural-residential.

In other actions, planners recommended the approval of several other benchmarks, including:

  • A zone variance to change the size of the parking space for a proposed Rochester Regional Health medical building on Oak Orchard Road in the city of Batavia;
  • A special use permit for a covered outdoor dining space at the Red Osier Landmark restaurant in Stafford;
  • A zoning change to Commercial for a parcel at 211 E. Main Street to facilitate the development of the GLOW YMCA / United Memorial Medical Center Healthy Living Campus;
  • A site plan for a new liquor store at 9 E. Main St., Corfu;
  • A special use permit, with amendment, for a 5 megawatt solar system on Oak Orchard Road, south of the village of Elba;
  • A special use permit for a hair salon at 1 Farnsworth Ave., Oakfield, by appointment only.

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