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Seen from across Ninth, this is the site of a proposed “Albany Dispensary”, between the street and the back of the white building in the background.

Albany’s planning division issued public notice of a proposed construction project, called “Cannabros Albany” on one plan sheet and “Albany Dispensary” on another, off the eastbound leg exiting the Pacific Boulevard overpass.

The vacant property sits on two adjoining tax lots at 739 and 815 Ninth Ave. SE Ninth Avenue, it is part of the couplet carrying two freeways, Oregon 99E and US 20.

The site is between the freeway and the back of a strip mall facing Pacific Boulevard. There is already a marijuana store in the mall and two more less than a block east.

The owner, Peter E. Brock of Sherwood, told me on the phone that the project was still in the planning stage and that he did not want to comment on it.

Plans submitted to the city for review call for a one-story 2,438 square foot retail building. Planning staff say it’s a marijuana store. There would be parking for 18 cars and 10 bicycles.

Planning staff said the application was for site plan approval as well as an adjustment to a property line.

Property owners within 300 feet were notified of the application and asked to comment on it against city development code standards. The standards cover things like off-street parking, landscaping and more. Comments are expected before the close of business on May 18.

The zoning designation for the property is “Commercial Community” and the proposed use is permitted.

Site plan approval is required before a building permit can be issued. But not all approved site plans result in something being built. (hh)

This bare parcel of land is approximately where the parking lot for the proposed building would be.