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Bruce County has approved a site plan for a new nine-bay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) headquarters to be constructed adjacent to the Bruce County Public Library building at the corner of Concession 10 and from MacKenzie Road. in Port Elgin.

Content of the article

Saugeen Shores Town Planning Supervisor Jay Pausner told councilor meeting via Zoom on January 10 that approval of the site plan is contingent on a minor exemption request from Bruce County which will be heard on January 17. the Zoning By-law of the Town of Saugeen Shores. The county wants to increase the width of the lane from 10 meters to 18.5 meters and build three lanes that would not be permitted without a minor exemption.

Com. Dave Myette said the proposed EMS building is a “beautiful looking” development that will add to the first responder center in the area and possibly foster relationships with the nearby Saugeen Shores Police Department.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau said that not only will the new facility be located in Saugeen Shores, but it will also become the headquarters of Bruce County EMS.

“It is a really positive development for the Town of Saugeen Shores to have our Bruce County EMS senior management now located in Saugeen Shores…” said Charbonneau, adding that in addition to the employment benefits, this also makes Saugeen Shores “a bit of a hub” for EMS services in the region.

Last year, as plans for the new EMS HQ were underway, Bruce County Council accepted a recommendation from its Paramedic Services Committee to extend the two-year lease for its current building in the Green Street in Port Elgin. According to EMS staff, the 33-year-old rodent-infected building is overcrowded and unable to handle the length of the new ambulances.

The Bruce County website states that the Bruce County Paramedic Service employs approximately 100 full-time and part-time paramedics and operates a fleet of 15 vehicles – 12 ambulances and three supervision units stationed in six communities in County of Bruce – Walkerton, Chesley, Kincardine, Port Elgin, Wiarton and Tobermory – who are deployed when and where needed.

This vacant site, owned by Bruce County, at the southwest corner of Concession 10 and MacKenzie Road. in Port Elgin, will house the proposed Bruce County EMS headquarters, valued at $ 4 million. [Town of Saugeen Shores]