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Can’t say it’s a good idea — Randall Guarnieri

The Rio Rancho Board of Directors on Thursday night approved a site plan application to build a car wash at 507 NM Highway NE. (Matt Hollinshead Photo/Observer)

Rio Rancho’s board of directors approved a site plan late Thursday to build a second Champion XPress car wash in the city, but not before residents voted against the proposal.

The company opened a car wash at 1890 Abrazo Road NE in March. The proposed location would be by Northern Boulevard, Monterrey Road and New Mexico Highway 528.

“When seeking new locations for development, our primary considerations include sites that the city has zoned for commercial use and areas with existing high traffic,” said company spokeswoman Lindsey Joy. Observer in an email.

“I hate to see this turn into another Stripes situation”

The Board of Directors voted 5-1 in favor of the sitemap. Councilor Dan Stoddard was absent.

Councilman Bob Tyler voted against it, arguing that Champion XPress picked the wrong location to open.

Although the city does not have the right to tell a business what it can or cannot build on a property, the access location, off Monterrey Road, could be a barrier for residents. , did he declare.

Several residents agreed.

The car wash is said to be just a few feet from the home of Professor Randall Guarnieri of Cleveland High School.

There could be dozens of cars queuing on the street in the afternoon when school buses come down to drop off the kids. Traffic would turn the street into a one-lane road, he said.

“I can’t say it’s a good idea,” Guarnieri said.

Resident Darryl Gregerson said he was worried about traffic going in and out of the car wash.

“I would hate to see this turn into another Stripes (Burrito) situation,” he said.

The proposed car wash would have three lanes that can accommodate up to 34 vehicles as well as 16 drying stations, according to the company.

“These elements help us understand how quickly cars will be able to cross the queue and start moving on the roads, so that they don’t all go off the road at once,” Councilor Karissa said. Culbreath. .

The Board then approved an amendment directing Champion Xpress to come up with a design to create a right turn lane at the car wash. The plan would then be submitted to the city’s public works department.

Other Concerns

Resident Andrea Lerner said she fears the flooding on Monterrey Road will get worse as the car wash opens.

Hull then proposed an amendment – ​​which was approved – requiring the company to submit its grading and drainage permit for review by the city.

Some residents also felt that the car wash would interfere with their scenic views of the city.

Kevin Breen said he loved being able to watch the Sandia Mountains and the balloons at the annual party.

“Mass Ascension is going to be totally clogged with this car wash,” he said.

The car wash would only be about 36 feet tall and things could be worse. For example, the proposed company could have been larger, Hull later said.

“Unless you own the property between you and the mountain, there are no protected views in the town of Rio Rancho,” he said, adding that the town “cannot deprive someone of a property right which has been established”.