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A site plan for an expansion project at Abbott Manufacturing that will include a second facility tower was unanimously approved Tuesday by the Sturgis Planning Commission.

The city received a site plan for review from Abbott Manufacturing Inc. for the property at 901 N. Centerville Road. Abbott is looking to build three additions to the existing building, a parking lot, a truck loading area, a stormwater management system for a new expansion, additional utilities, a new chemical drain line and upgrades to the traffic on the site.

The three separate additions include a 35,000 square foot extension to the northeast corner of the warehouse for a new 128 1/2 foot high dryer. The developers said that only the driest part of this addition is at this height.

A 1,060 square foot water treatment room and a 12,548 square foot boiler and compressor addition are also scheduled for construction next year. Additional site development will also include a new access road from North Clay Street, utilities, a retention pond for the expansion and a new chemical drainage line.

At the planning committee meeting on May 17, the existing building was granted Class A non-conforming structure status due to the height of the building. With Class A designation approval, it allows the new dryer to be built to the height requested.

Abbot worked with the Federal Aviation Administration due to the proposed tower’s proximity to Kirsch Municipal Airport on any additional requirements needed.

Planning commissioners Luis Perez, Rick Mahler and Gabe Alvez were absent from Tuesday’s meeting.