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Revised plans for the Sturgeon Bay Terrace development along the western end of the Maple Street-Oregon Bridge were approved last week by the city’s Aesthetic Design and Site Plan Review Board.

Peter and Jennifer Gentry of WWP Development originally received board approval in July 2021 for a three-story mixed-use building with a deli, beer hall, event space and Airbnb rental suite.

Given rising construction costs since then, zoning administrator Christopher Sullivan-Robinson said the original design was downsized to two stories and the rental suite above was removed, so the revisions had to be sent back to the board for approval.

Sullivan-Robinson said the building’s footprint and construction style have not changed, with construction materials matching the original plans. The size and location of windows have however been changed in some areas and balconies have been removed. He said the patio design was also changed to no longer include retaining walls.

The building will be accessible from two driveways off Maple Street and located adjacent to the Door County Granary and the site of a planned apartment project.

While no parking is required for commercial uses in the downtown core, Sullivan-Robinson said the driveway to the west will likely connect to additional parking because parking is required for residential uses.