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Through PTI

AIZAWL: The Aizawl Municipal Company (AMC) introduced new rules to regulate site development, slope cutting, backfilling and clearing to mitigate landslides, shipwreck areas, falling rocks and other natural or man-made disasters.

Mayor Lalringenga Sailo said the AMC Site Development and Slope Modification Regulations were developed in 2017 to regulate and control cutting, backfilling, clearing and other slope settlement activities in the state capital, Aizawl, prone to landslides and other calamities mainly caused by unscrupulous people. men’s activities.

The regulations have been partially implemented as they were notified to the Official Gazette by the AMC on October 29 of this year, he said on Wednesday. Sailo said that Aizawl has experienced numerous landslides, which too often have caused loss of life and destruction of homes, community buildings and important infrastructure.

Human activities such as cutting slopes, backfilling, increasing the amount of groundwater entering slopes, and disposing of sewage and drainage on slopes in poorly controlled ways can greatly increase instability. slopes, he said.

According to Sailo, any person or government agency intending to construct a building requiring site development work will now need to obtain a site development permit in addition to a building permit.

However, digging an individual grave, excavating below grade finished for basements and footings of an ordinary building, or a semi-permanent or permanent building located in a low risk area landslide, AMC-controlled disposal sites, Department of Defense projects, exploratory excavations and emergency works necessary to preserve life or property under imminent threat of excessive erosion, among others, are exempt from regulation, he said.

Under the new regulations, land or site development is divided into two categories: developed site development (moderate, high or very high risk of landslide) and regular site development (risk of weak landslide).