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February 2021

Alternative foundry site development designs that would save historic buildings

By Site development

The proposed demolition of Toronto’s foundry buildings to make way for affordable housing has sparked controversy, especially among those who wish to conserve existing heritage buildings.

Urban Strategies, a Toronto-based town planning and planning consultancy, has released three potential designs for the property that would retain important heritage elements while adding much-needed affordable housing.

In October, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark issued a zoning ministerial order that allowed construction crews to bypass city planning regulations at the site and begin demolishing buildings.

But in January, after a demolition crew showed up on the ground, a judge ruled that the smelter’s demolition should be halted, pending a new ruling in March. Then, earlier this month, the Ontario government announced it would begin a public comment period for the smelter site.

The three alternatives of the urban strategy would give a total of 1,045 residential units with 264 affordable units and reach a maximum of 41 floors.

The first design calls for three towers of varying heights – 41 stories, 20 stories, and 18 stories – to be mounted in spaces adjacent to existing heritage buildings, with the tallest tower anchored in the middle.

Urban strategies

The affordable units would all be located in the 18-story building on the east side of the property. In addition to residential units, this design also makes space for cultural and artistic uses, offices and retail.

The second alternative is also a three tower design but would have towers descending in height from west to east. There would be a 40-story building, a 29-story building, and then a 21-story building.


Urban strategies

The existing machine shop building would be transformed into an indoor / outdoor cultural, community and artistic space. Offices and retail businesses would be located in the other existing buildings of the foundry.

The final design proposal foresees two towers, one of 40 floors and the other of 30 floors. With just two buildings, this design frees up space for a new public plaza at the southwest corner of the property.

Urban strategies

The affordable housing would be located in a lower podium along Eastern Avenue, and the community and arts space would be located in the 40-story tower.

The public consultation is currently open on the Government of Ontario’s website and will close its comment period on March 4.

Find out how they are changing the trucking industry forever

By Site development

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2021 / People often have the aspiration to be their own boss and not be dependent on a desk job where their skills and effort may be undervalued, but people often fail to achieve this.

One person who did is Ivo Pereira, a 27-year-old first-generation immigrant from Brazil, who came to the United States with his parents in search of better opportunities. Although he graduated in the automotive industry and became a master technician at BMW, Ivo found no purpose in the business.

Ivo felt abused and underestimated and while still working as a BMW master technician, he started his snow removal truck business. This business ultimately made him more money than he earned from his job and that’s when Ivo decided to take the plunge and never look back.

“While I was still working as a technician, I started my own snow removal business which evolved into several trucks generating more money than I earned in my full-time job. That’s when I decided to jump in after being abused and undervalued at my previous job to deciding to do my own thing. I vowed to create a place where people were treated fairly, fairly and always had an opportunity to grow. “Ivo shares.

Ivo’s business has evolved into E Trucking Services, a transportation and site development company that he currently runs. In the past five years alone, the company has grown to over 35 employees and made over $ 15.5 million in revenue with multiple real estate, trucking and employee growth opportunities.

“While working for a large company and being one of their top performers, I felt misunderstood and underestimated. This is what led me to want to create a company that focuses only on its employees. Seeing how unreliable and inadequate the trucking industry is. was, I saw the opportunity to create massive impact and change by being able to build an honest and reliable trucking team. ”Ivo explains.

Indeed, Ivo’s company is one of the fastest growing dump truck teams in the United States. His goal and vision is to create something that makes the lives of construction contractors and excavators easier and more transparent.

“I also wanted to share my story and my journey with other people under certain circumstances and show them that anything in life is possible. We are all made for greatness and can conquer whatever we want to conquer, we just have to be. willing to sacrifice our time, surround ourselves with the right people and, no matter what, never give up. ” says Ivo.

In Ivo’s second year of activity, its competitors set out to bankrupt it as they were threatened by its rapid rise and market dominance. They attempted to derail the company by giving false information to Ivo’s customers. It ended up backfiring against the competition.

“What sets me and my company apart from our competition is that we are completely focused on our customers. We do everything in our power to give our customers 100% satisfaction. “We are always thinking about how we can simplify a process for our customers and make life easier for our employees on a daily basis. For example, we noticed a very inadequate and old trucking process of paper tickets making it impossible to follow up. accurate expense, resulting in a loss of a ton of money. We created a solution for that. We created and launched our own trucking app to be able to provide our clients with 100% accurate information for their projects and their work, ”says Ivo.

This year, E Trucking Services’ biggest project is precisely the deployment of their brand new electronic trucking tracking application. Their goal with the app was to make dump truck transport more transparent and simpler.

“We will be one of the first dump truck tracking apps that deliver turnkey operation for customers, drivers and owner-operators – transforming a paper industry with countless mistakes, dishonesty and thousands of dollars wasted in one simple, easy-to-use tool. use the app with live and current trucking information that anyone can see and use. ”Ivo explains.

This innovation, attention to detail and customer obsession is what sets Ivo and E Trucking Services apart from other companies. To be successful in this endeavor, it was important for Ivo to always be on guard.

“To start your own business, you need to immerse yourself among the leaders of the industry you want to be in. Keep working full time and during off-peak hours, create your game plan and start selling. ‘have enough work flow ahead and when your side work starts to exceed your normal 9 to 5 job, that’s when you’ll know it’s time to take the plunge. ” Ivo advises.

Learn more about Ivo and E Trucking Services here.

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THE SOURCE: E Trucking & Services

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Gateway region of Virginia is home to largest development of spec sites in Virginia

By Site development

PRINCE GEORGE, Virginia., February 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Hollingsworth Companies have pre-classified the site and are starting construction of a 650,250 square foot speculative building in the Southpoint Business Park located in Prince George County. It will be the 12the and the largest facility developed by The Hollingsworth Companies in Southpoint, which has provided the community with facilities supporting hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in investment.

With this new facility, Southpoint Business Park will have 1,600,000 square feet of industrial space suitable for high-growth manufacturing and distribution businesses located along I-295, just minutes from I-85 and I-95. The specification building will be a concrete tilting wall with 40 feet of headroom, 60 feet by 60 feet column spacing, 142 dock doors and 177 trailer drops.

Although there are “build to measure” projects in Virginia exceeding 1,000,000 square feet, it will be the largest speculative building on the market. Speculative buildings are developed to provide immediate occupancy and attract large site selection projects. Since the building will be completed with improvements, target customers can take possession in less than 60 days, compared to custom construction projects which can take up to two years for land acquisition, site work. and the construction of buildings.

“We are extremely excited to be building this new speculative development in the Southpoint Business Park. Buildings of this caliber will quickly attract industrial prospects and provide immediate support to the local and regional economy, thereby increasing prosperity, ”explains Keith boswell, President and CEO of that of Virginia Gateway Regional Economic Development Organization (VGR). “This latest 650,250 square foot Hollingsworth building in Prince George County will translate into a business that will create additional jobs and investment, an increased tax base, and drive the region’s prosperity, while giving us another tool to help us in our continued efforts to diversify our economy and to help anyone in the front door region who wants a job, can get one. “

“We appreciate that Hollingsworth has responded to the demand for industrial facilities necessary to expand our community now and on the horizon,” Boswell concluded.

Joe hollingsworth, CEO of The Hollingsworth Companies, said: “Despite the economic pressure from COVID-19, we are very optimistic about the Richmond metropolitan statistical area, and more specifically the region of the gateway and Prince George County markets. We have been successful in growing our business on the belief that American manufacturing will continue to thrive, and the Southeastern United States will lead this growth. He went on to say, “I want to thank the community for being willing to invest time, effort and money to become a true partner in the success of this park. I have no doubts that the next eight years will be the best economic times of our lives, ”Hollingsworth said.

About the Hollingsworth Companies

The Hollingsworth Companies is the largest non-urban industrial real estate developer and construction company in the Southeastern United States with 125 tenants and 18 million square feet of industrial space in 17 states. The Hollingsworth Companies has facilities located in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Caroline from the south, Tennessee and Virginia. For more information on Hollingsworth companies, contact Tom mann, Senior Vice President of Industrial Real Estate by phone or email.

On that of Virginia Gateway region

that of Virginia Gateway Region is the regional economic development organization that markets the cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell and Petersburg, and the counties of Dinwiddie, Prince george, Surry and Sussex. VGR focuses its efforts on new and existing business investments and job creation.

Press contact:

Tom mann
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Jill vaughan
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SOURCE Hollingsworth Companies

Celebrity Tree Site Development Project in East LA Sparks Controversy

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EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) – The 90s Chicano film “Blood In, Blood Out” starred many stars, one of which was Australian pine Bunya in East Los Angeles. The tree is now a community landmark known as “El Pino” or “The Pine”.

“I grew up there and then obviously the movie ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ and there were just other movies. So there is a lot of history,” said Art Gastelum, owner of the property. .

The property where the tree is located is empty. But that will change soon, Gastelum plans to start in March for a new duplex – which will surround the iconic tree.

“I didn’t know how important the tree was. I knew it was important, but I didn’t know how important it was to so many people around the world,” Gastelum said.

But there was resistance from some members of the community against the duplex project; gentrification is one of their concerns.

“My main concern as a homeowner here is that this project will have a huge impact on the community I came to live in and then bought my house. And so for us in the community, we prefer to see this remains a public space, declared a historic monument and really helps to create a public park there, ”said Miguel Paredes, who lives near the tree.

Paredes also said he was concerned the construction could damage the tree and he does not believe the owner is considering saving the tree, despite Gastelum’s assurance.

“We don’t believe it. And I don’t think there’s anyone in this community, or who fully understands what’s going on, who thinks that the construction of two buildings on this property is going to somehow save the world. ‘tree,’ Paredes said.

Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo and Los Angeles County Supervisory Board Chair Hilda Solis, both of whom represent the area, both told ABC7 in separate statements that the owner is committed to preserving the ‘tree.

Gastelum said his original plan was to rent the duplex. He also plans to add a plaque to honor and preserve the history of the tree and said it will still be available for photo ops.

“I chose to do something that would be the minimum intrusion into the community, to build something that I will be proud of, and I think the community would be proud,” Gastelum said.

Rossana D’Antonio, Los Angeles County deputy director of public works, Development Services, said in a statement: Completed, builder can apply for building permit and start construction at any time.

Gastelum said he plans to start work in March and expects to complete the duplex project by the end of the year.

Statement by Wendy Carrillo, Member of the Assembly, in full:
“LA County sold the property where El Pino is rooted half a decade ago, and as someone who grew up in eastern LA, I want El Pino to stay healthy for generations. to come. I want El Pino to be protected and I appreciate that there is a commitment from the new owner, Mr. Gastelum, to ensure its preservation. “

The statement from Hild Solis, chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, in its entirety:

“I appreciate the owner’s quick response to engage with residents and stakeholders on concerns about ‘El Pino’ and its future,” said Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors chairperson Hilda L. Solis, supervisor of the first district. “The current approved development plans show no impact on the tree canopy – and my office has confirmed through the landowner that it does not intend to remove the tree, but rather to preserve it as part of the East Los Angeles Cultural Landscape. The tree has a long history, and I look forward to future generations discovering its significance. “

This is an updated version of the story that was originally posted on February 8, 2021.

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IRS site development and COVID testing of lack of demand discussed in Covington

By Site development

There is a strong demand from potential contractors who want to work in the early stages of the redevelopment of the old IRS site in Covington.

There is, however, no similar demand from the public for the free COVID-19 tests that are currently offered there through a federal program.

The City of Covington commission heard updates on the two issues at Tuesday night’s caucus meeting.

“There has been a dramatic drop in the number of people coming for testing, so they’re going to be stepping up their advertising there,” City Manager David Johnston said of COVID-19 testing there. A parking lot on the 23-acre site is currently set up to accommodate free drive-thru testing services. “After going through this (promotion) process for a few weeks, they will assess whether this site is necessary or not.”

Johnson said he spoke to the Kenton County Emergency Management Office about the matter.

“What you are seeing now is the surge in vaccinations,” said Johnston, speculating that more people are interested in being vaccinated than being tested. “A lot of people are focusing on the vaccination side of what’s going on and not on the test sites.”

“Don’t be surprised in about a week or so that we hear from the test site,” Johnston said.

Meanwhile, after issuing requests for qualifications from companies to remove IRS buildings, pavement, and mitigate environmental issues, as well as initiating the process of designing streets and utilities, the demand initial is high, said Johnston.

Forty-eight engineering and demolition companies had at least considered the tender to demolish the buildings. “That’s all we know,” said Johnston. “We will get a good answer from that.”

Forty-one companies have reviewed the tender for the removal of asbestos and old underground storage tanks at the site, the city manager said.

Twenty-one companies have verified the request for design quotes, he said.

“So there is interest in what’s going on on this site,” said Johnston.

Additionally, the city commission is set to approve the placement of $ 83,500 in an escrow account as the state assesses the potential of the former IRS site as a district for funding tax increases (TIF ) to support its redevelopment prospects.

A consultant is responsible for evaluating this possibility.

“The city will have the opportunity to review the findings and will be involved with consultants throughout the process,” said Tom West, city’s director of economic development. “We don’t just write a check and wait. We will be involved in the process.”

-Michael Monks, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Photo: COVID-19 test on the IRS website